System directories and log files

LSF uses directories for temporary work files, log files, and transaction files and spooling.

LSF keeps track of all jobs in the system by maintaining a transaction log in the work subtree. The LSF log files are found in the directory LSB_SHAREDIR/cluster_name/logdir.

The following files maintain the state of the LSF system:

LSF uses the file to keep track of the state of all jobs. Each job is a transaction from job submission to job completion. LSF system keeps track of everything that is associated with the job in the file.

The events file is automatically trimmed and old job events are stored in lsb.event.n files. When mbatchd starts, it refers only to the file, not the files. The bhist command can refer to these files.

Job script files in the info directory

When a user issues a bsub command from a shell prompt, LSF collects all of the commands issued on the bsub line and spools the data to mbatchd, which saves the bsub command script in the info directory (or in one of its subdirectories if MAX_INFO_DIRS is defined in lsb.params) for use at dispatch time or if the job is rerun. The info directory is managed by LSF and should not be modified by anyone.

Log directory permissions and ownership

Ensure that the permissions on the LSF_LOGDIR directory to be writable by root. The LSF administrator must own LSF_LOGDIR.