System event log

The LSF daemons keep an event log in the file. The mbatchd daemon uses this information to recover from server failures, host reboots, and mbatchd restarts. The file is also used by the bhist command to display detailed information about the execution history of batch jobs, and by the badmin command to display the operational history of hosts, queues, and daemons.

By default, mbatchd automatically backs up and rewrites the file after every 1000 batch job completions. This value is controlled by the MAX_JOB_NUM parameter in the lsb.params file. The old file is moved to, and each old file is moved to LSF never deletes these files. If disk storage is a concern, the LSF administrator should arrange to archive or remove old files periodically.

Do not remove or modify the current file. Removing or modifying the file could cause batch jobs to be lost.