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==The team==
==The team==

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The HPC team operates and maintains the central HPC clusters of ETH Zurich. In addition, we provide a range of services on top of the HPC clusters. We take for instance care of

  • Conceptualization and planning of new services, clusters and cluster extensions,
  • Procurement of cluster hardware solutions.
  • Operation and maintenance of HPC clusters.
  • Operation and maintenance of high-performance storage systems inside the cluster.
  • Software installation and user support.
  • Technical documentation, workshops and training's.


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The team

  • Dr. Olivier Byrde (group manager)
  • Steven Armstrong
  • Christian Bolliger
  • Dr. Urban Borstnik
  • Dr. Samuel Fux
  • Eric Müller
  • Allen Neeser
  • Dr. Christiane Pousa Ribeiro