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* A valid ETH account
* A valid ETH account
* [[Getting_started_with_clusters#X11|Local computer with an SSH client]]
* [[Getting_started_with_clusters#SSH|Local computer with an SSH client]]
* [[Getting_started_with_clusters#X11| An X11 server for graphical user interface]] (optional)
* [[Getting_started_with_clusters#X11| An X11 server for graphical user interface]] (optional)

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New users


How to get access

  • Request authorization of your ETH account from cluster-support@id.ethz.ch
  • Start your SSH client
  • Use ssh command to connect to the login node of Euler or Leonhard Open
 ssh username@euler.ethz.ch
 ssh username@login.leonhard.ethz.ch

Current users

To regain the access after the incident on 15 May 2020, all users have to change their LDAP password and generate new SSH keys.

How to regain access

  • Change your ETH password at https://password.ethz.ch
  • Wait for one working day. The change should become active on the next day from 8am
  • If you could still not access the cluster after one working day, please contact us.
  • Regenerate new SSH keys

External collaborators

Members of other institutions who have a collaboration with a research group at ETH may use the clusters for the purpose of said collaboration

  • Their counterpart (“sponsor”) at ETH can create an ETH guest account, e-mail address and VPN service for them
  • Then, they can access Euler like members of ETH