Accessing the cluster

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New users


  • A valid ETH account
  • Local computer with an SSH client
  • An X11 server for graphical user interface (optional)

How to get access

  • Request authorization of your ETH account from
  • Start your SSH client
  • Use ssh command to connect to the login node of Euler or Leonhard Open
  • Use your ETH credentials to login
  • Accept the cluster’s usage rules upon the first login
  • Generate SSH keys for passwordless login by following the instruction here

Current users

To regain the access after the incident on 15 May 2020, all users have to change their LDAP password and generate new SSH keys.

How to regain access

  • Change your ETH password at
  • Wait for one working day. The change should become active on the next day from 8am
  • If you could still not access the cluster after one working day, please contact us.
  • Regenerate new SSH keys by following the instruction here

External collaborators

Members of other institutions who have a collaboration with a research group at ETH may use the clusters for the purpose of said collaboration

  • Their counterpart (“sponsor”) at ETH can create an ETH guest account, e-mail address and VPN service for them
  • Then, they can access Euler like members of ETH