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When you would like to use one of the services that is provided by ID SIS HPC, then you need to authenticate yourself with an account. For some services we use the ETH account for authentication, for others there are accounts, which are local on the system.


Brutus (2007-2016) is no longer in operation.


Everybody at ETH Zurich can use the Euler cluster. The first login of a new user triggers a process that sends a verification code to the users ETH email address (, with USERNAME being the ETH account name). The user is then prompted to enter the verification code and by entering the correct code, the cluster account of the user is created.


Leonhard Open (2017-2021) has been integrated in the Euler cluster.

Access to Leonhard Med 1.0 is restricted to Leonhard Med 1.0 shareholders. Guest users cannot access the Leonhard cluster.

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (MDCS)

Any member of ETH can use the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (MDCS) service; the only requirement is a valid ETH account. In order to use this service, you first need to login to the Euler cluster once and accept the usage agreement.

Please note that the MDCS will be phased out end of 2022 due to transitioning the batch system from IBM LSF to Slurm

CLC Genomics Server

The CLC genomics server uses local accounts for authentication. If you would like to use this service, then please contact cluster support to request your CLC account.

Please note that the CLC Genomics Server will be phased out end of 2022]] due to transitioning the batch system from IBM LSF to Slurm