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The currently available modules on Brutus are presented in the following table, with the following typographic convention:

  • Bold version numbers are the current default
  • Italic supported version numbers will be moved to legacy
  • Italic new versions will be moved to supported
  • Crossed-out versions will be removed
  • Underlined versions will be the new defaults
Application Category Module name Legacy versions Supported versions New versions Notes
7zip Compression 7zip 9.20.1
Abaqus FEA abaqus 6.10-1b6.10-EF16.11-16.9-1 6.13-26.14-1
ABINIT Chemistry abinit 7.10.1_pureMKLtest_7_10_1
ADF Chemistry adf 2010.02b 2012.012013.01
ALPS Library alps 2.1.1
AMD APP SDK GPU amd-app-sdk 2.8
ANSYS Simulation ansys 12.1 Ansys 12.1 features no longer supported by license server
Apache Ant Development ant 1.9.4
arch arch x86_64-k10x86_64-k8sse3 Internal. Do not use.
Autoconf Development autoconf 2.69
BERT Modelling bert 2.0
bioconductor bioconductor 3.1
Netlib BLAS Library blas 2011-04-19 OpenBLAS is preferred.
BLAST Bioinformatics blast 2.2.20
Blender Visualization blender 2.69
Blitz++ Library blitz 0.9.3
Boost Library boost 1.49.0
bowtie bowtie 20140721
CellProfiler Biology cellprofiler 2.0.0_r5cacf2.1.1
cern-root cern-root 5.34.05 5.34.18
ANSYS CFX CFD cfx 12.1 Ansys 12.1 features no longer supported by license server
CHARM Development charm 6.2.1
CHARMM Chemistry charmm c38b1c39b1 Only for licenced users.
CMake Development cmake 3.3.1
COMSOL Multiphysics Physics comsol 4.2a4.34.3a4.3b 4.45.1
CP2K Chemistry cp2k 2.3.122302.3.122752.4.124312.4.12993trunk.2.5.13191 2.3trunk.13711 trunk.13661
cruft cruft 1.0
CUDA GPU cuda 5.0 4.29 Versions 5.0 and greater are unstable.
DAMASK Simulation damask 2555
DRMAA for LSF Library drmaa
MSC Dytran FEA dytran 2012.1
Eigen Library eigen 3.2.1
Quantum ESPRESSO Chemistry espresso 4.3.2_openmpi 5.0.2_openmpi5.0.2_patched_openmpi
fds-smv Simulation fds svn16052013
fdsim fdsim 1
FDTD Physics fdtd 8.5.3
FFmpeg Video ffmpeg 0.10.0 1.0.1
FFTW Library fftw 3.3.3
FFTW single-precision Library fftw_sp 3.3.3
ANSYS FLUENT CFD fluent 12.1 Ansys 12.1 features no longer supported by license server
FSL Library fsl 5.0.2 5.0.8
GAMESS (US) Chemistry gamess 2011_R1_serial2012_R2_MVAPICH2
Gaussian Chemistry gaussian 03 0909c109c1_nbo5909d1 Access upon request.
GNU GCC Development gcc
gdal gdal 2.0.1
git Development git 1.9.0
GLPK Library glpk 4.45
GNU MP Bignum Library Library gmp 4.3.2
GMT Geography gmt 4.5.9
GNU GCC libraries gnu lib_4.8.2 GCC runtime environment.
Go Language Development golang 1.0.3 1.1
Goto BLAS Library goto2 1.06_par1.06_seq OpenBLAS is preferred.
Grace Graphics grace 5.1.22
Gromacs Chemistry gromacs 5.0.2_plumed
GSL Library gsl 1.131.15
Gurobi Mathematics gurobi 5.6.3
guse guse 20130215201402102014080820150319
hadoop Big-Data hadoop 2.6.0
HDF5 Library hdf5 1.8.12
HDF5 (parallel) Library hdf5_para Superseded by hdf5/1.8.12
ANSYS ICEMCFD CFD icemcfd 12.1 Ansys 12.1 features no longer supported by license server
IDL Visualization idl 8.2
imsbtools imsbtools 201201192012090420120917201302152013091620130927201311012014021020140210_swath201403112014080820140808_swath2015031920150319_dev20150319_swathaqua_dev
Intel Composer Development intel 10.1.01811.1.06912.
Java Development java 1.6.0_311.7.0_031.8.0_05
Jmol Visualization jmol 13
Jython Development jython 2.5.2
LAMMPS Chemistry lammps 2012-04-202013-04-032013-12-01 2013-05-262014-02-012015-08-10 2015-05-15
Netlib LAPACK Library lapack 3.4.0 OpenBLAS is preferred.
PDF Physics lhapdf
Libint Library libint 1.1.4
LLVM Development llvm 3.13.2 3.4.2 3.6.0
Maple Mathematics maple 15 1617
MSC Marc FEA marc 2012 20132013.1
Mathematica Mathematics mathematica 8.0.4
MATLAB Numerical matlab 8.18.5 8.28.4
maven maven 3.3.1
ANSYS Maxwell Physics maxwell 15.0.1
MEncoder Video mencoder 2012_04_18
METIS Mathematics metis 4.0.3
MKL Library mkl 15.0.0
Molden Visualization molden 5.0
Molpro Chemistry molpro 2009.22010.1
Mono .NET framework Development mono 3.0.7
GNU Multi-Precision Floating Point Library Development mpfr 3.1.2
MVAPICH2 MPI mvapich2 1.51.8a2 1.8.1
myrimatch myrimatch 1.6.79201006222.1.1012.1.1062.1.1112.1.1142.1.1302.1.1382.1.97
NAMD Chemistry namd 2.102.8
MSC Nastran FEA nastran 2011.12012.1
NBO Chemistry nbo 5.9
netCDF Operators Data analysis nco 4.2.1
netCDF Library netcdf Versions support netCDF4/HDF5 parallel I/O.
ngspice Physics ngspice 24
NWChem Chemistry nwchem 6.16.5
Octave Numerical octave 3.6.1
omssa omssa
Open64 Development open64 5.0
OpenBLAS Library openblas 0.1.1_par0.1.1_seq0.2.4_par0.2.4_seq 0.2.8_par0.2.8_seq
OpenCV Library opencv 2.4.9
OpenFOAM CFD openfoam 2.0.1
openmesh openmesh 5.0
Open MPI MPI open_mpi 1.6.5 1.10.0
openms openms
ORCA Chemistry orca
p4vasp Chemistry p4vasp 0.3.24
p5modules p5modules 1209
PAPI Profiling papi 4.2.0
parallel_studio_xe parallel_studio_xe 2015
MSC Patran FEA patran 2010.22012
PGI Compiler Development pgi 10.911.1012.312.612.913.1 14.115.1
PLUMED Chemistry plumed 2.1.0
pwiz pwiz 28903239
PyMOL Visualization pymol
Python Development python 2.7.6
Q-Chem Chemistry qchem 4.0.1
QGIS Geography qgis 2.2.0 2.2.0p
Qt Development qt 4.6.2
R Project Numerical r 3.2.2
relion relion 1.3
Rosetta Biology rosetta
Revolution R Enterprise Mathematics rre 7
saint saint
Scala Development scala 2.11.6
ScaLAPACK Library scalapack 2.0.2
sequencing sequencing bowtie-0.12.9samtools-0.1.18seqtk_2012_Octsra_sdk-2.2.0velvet_1.2.08
Spark Big-Data spark 1.3.1
splash Visualization splash 2.0
Stata Mathematics stata 111213
SuiteSparse Library suitesparse 4.0.2
SWIG Development swig 1.3.402.0.9
SZIP Library szip 2.1
tandem tandem 090401101201
Tuning and Analysis Utilities Profiling tau 2.21.1
tctools tctools tc
TeX Live Typesetting texlive 2009
tpp tpp
Trilinos Library trilinos 11.8.1
trimesh trimesh 1.8.3
Turbomole Chemistry turbomole 5.105.10_mpi5.
UDUNITS Library udunits 2.1.24 2.2.18
unixODBC Database unixodbc 2.3.0
Valgrind Profiling valgrind 3.8.1
VASP Chemistry vasp 4.64.6_gpo4.6_vtst5.25.2_gpo5.2_vtst5.3 Only for license holders.
VisIt Visualization visit 2.7.2
VMD Visualization vmd 1.9.1
vtk vtk 6.1.0
wfi wfi 1
XCrySDen Visualization xcrysden 1.5.53
xerces xerces
xquest xquest 2.1.1.pr2.
yasm yasm 1.20