Change of Ansys license servers

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Ansys versions >= 21 require a newer version of the Ansys license server. Some license features are deprecated and no longer served by the older version of the license server. Therefore we need to migrate all Ansys installations to the new license server (which will also serve license features for the versions older than 21).

Migration to the new license servers

ETH used to have separate license servers for the Euler cluster and for people using Ansys on a local computer/laptop/workstation. For version 21 the license server was upgraded and now we have two Ansys license servers, one, serving teaching licenses for students that use Ansys and one, serving research licenses for research groups.

The existing modules will be kept, but won't work any more (once the old license server is turned off) and don't serve the expired license features any more.

For example, users that would like to run Ansys 18.2 or 19.5 will have to replace

module load ansys/19.5


module load ansys/19.5_teaching


module load ansys/19.5_reasearch

Affected modules

Please find below a mapping of the old and new modules:

Old module name New module for teaching license New module for research license
ansys/18.2 ansys/18.2_teaching ansys/18.2_research
ansys/19.5 ansys/19.5_teaching ansys/18.2_research
ansys_em/19.5 ansys_em/19.5_teaching ansys_em/19.5_research
ansys_em/20.2.4 ansys_em/20.2.4_teaching ansys_em/20.2.4_research
cfx/18.2 cfx/18.2_teaching cfx/18.2_research
cfx/19.5 cfx/19.5_teaching cfx/19.5_research
fluent/18.2 fluent/18.2_teaching fluent/18.2_research
fluent/19.5 fluent/19.5_teaching fluent/19.5_research
icemcfd/18.2 icemcfd/18.2_teaching icemcfd/18.2_research
icemcfd/19.5 icemcfd/19.5_teaching icemcfd/19.5_research

For the new ansys/21.2 installation, we will directly create pairs of modules pointing to the teaching/research license server.


We just started with creating new modules for the older Ansys versions 18.2 and 19.5 and will install the new ansys 21.2 version in the coming days.