Change of Ansys license servers

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Ansys versions >= 21 require a newer version of the Ansys license server. Some license features are deprecated and no longer served by the older version of the license server. Therefore we need to migrate all Ansys installations to the new license server (which will also serve license features for the versions older than 21).

Affected modules

Please find below a list of all modules that are affected by the change of the license server:

  • ansys/18.2
  • ansys/19.5
  • ansys_em/19.5
  • ansys_em/20.2.4
  • cfx/18.2
  • cfx/19.5
  • fluent/18.2
  • fluent/19.5
  • icemcfd/18.2
  • icemcfd/19.5

We will change the license server information in those modules.