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You can run CMake either in an interactive or batch mode. For running in interactive mode, you first need to create a build directory and afterwards you can start the CMake graphical user interface (GUI) with the ccmake command.

[sfux@eu-login-01 koenigsberg_bridge_code]$ module load new gcc/4.8.2 cmake/3.5.2
[sfux@eu-login-01 koenigsberg_bridge_code]$ mkdir build
[sfux@eu-login-01 koenigsberg_bridge_code]$ cd build
[sfux@eu-login-01 build]$ ccmake ..

In the CMake GUI, you can perform several commands with keyboard short cuts

Key Description
c configure installation
t toggle advanced mode (shows all available variables)
g generate source code for compilation

After successfully running the CMake GUI, you can compile the code with the command make