Decommissioning of Euler V

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Euler V was scheduled to be decommissioned on 10 July 2023 to make room for new GPU nodes.

Unfortunately many of its nodes did not survive the power outage that occurred yesterday (3 July 2023) at CSCS. In these circumstances, we have decided to leave this old part of Euler down and decommission it one week earlier than planned. That will allow us to focus our efforts on bringing other (newer) nodes on-line.

Euler V was special in the sense that it reused many components (blade chassis, power supplies, Ethernet and InfiniBand networks) from the original "Euler I" cluster installed in the beginning of 2014. The fact that this hardware worked almost flawlessly for 9.5 years says a lot about its quality! Like its predecessors, Euler V will be bought back by HPE, and the money from its sale will be reinvested in new compute nodes for the public share of Euler.

PLEASE NOTE: Euler V was the last generation of compute nodes containing Intel Xeon CPUs. Its decommissioning means that jobs explicitly requesting Intel Xeon Gold 5118 processors or some Intel-specific feature will never run. Users who submitted such jobs are kindly asked to kill them and resubmit them to other types of compute nodes.