Euler V testing

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Euler V is an upgrade of Euler I nodes, everything but the power supply and network interfaces. After the upgrade, these nodes still have 24 cores (2× 12-core Xeon Gold 5118 (Skylake)) but now sport 96 GB of memory (DDR4-2400).

Euler V nodes are now open for beta testing.

A small fraction of all jobs can run on these nodes, which will be progressively increased.

Please report to cluster support in case you observe any unusual behavior of your jobs on these nodes.

Select or avoid Euler V nodes

To force your job to run on these nodes, submit your job with the -R beta resource request:

bsub -R beta [other bsub options] ./my_command

To prevent your job from running on these nodes, submit your job with the -R stable resource request:

bsub -R stable [other bsub options] ./my_command