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The currently available modules on Euler are presented in the following table, with the following typographic convention:

  • Bold version numbers are the current default
  • Italic supported version numbers will be moved to legacy
  • Italic new versions will be moved to supported
  • Crossed-out versions will be removed
  • Underlined versions will be the new defaults
Application Category Module name Legacy versions Supported versions New versions Notes
Abaqus FEA abaqus 6.11 6.13-26.14-1
Abinit Chemistry abinit 7.10.5
ADF Chemistry adf 2012.012013.01 2014.07
ALPS Physics alps 2.2b4-r7651
AMDIS Chemistry amdis 3197 3247
ANSYS Simulation ansys 14.515.0 16.217.0
Apache Ant Development ant 1.9.4
ants Image Processing ants 2.1.0
autoconf Development autoconf 2.69
bazel bazel
GNU Binutils Development binutils 2.25 Needed to build AVX2 executables.
Biocondutor R Bioinformatics bioconductor 3.0
NCBI BLAST++ Bioinformatics blast 2.2.30
Boost Library boost 1.59.0_py2.7.9
Bowtie Bioinformatics bowtie 1.1.1
Bowtie2 Bioinformatics bowtie2 2.2.3
bzip2 Compression bzip2 1.0.6
Cantera Chemistry cantera 2.1.2
canu Bioinformatics canu 1.2
Climate Data Operators (CDO) Climate cdo 1.6.4
ANSYS CFX CFD cfx 14.515.0 16.217.0
CHARMM Chemistry charmm c39b1 Only for licenced users.
climate climate 1.01.0~
CMake Development cmake 2.8.12
COMSOL Multiphysics Physics comsol 5.2
CP2K Chemistry cp2k 2.5.140753.0 2.4.133773.0_libxc3.0_noelpatrunk.2.5.13191
CuffLinks cufflinks 2.2.1
curl Library curl 7.49.1
dalton dalton 2016.12016.1_64
DEAL-II Library dealii 8.2.1 8.3.0
DIRAC Chemistry dirac 14
Eigen Library eigen 3.2.1
ELPA Library elpa 2015.11.001
FALCON Bioinformatics falcon 0.5.0
FDTD Solutions Physics fdtd 8.5.3 8.118.15
fenics fenics 1.6.0
FFmpeg Visualization ffmpeg 1.0.1 2.3.3
FFTW Library fftw 3.3.3 3.3.4
fftw_sp Library fftw_sp 3.3.3 3.3.4
fix fix 1.06
ANSYS FLUENT CFD fluent 14.515.0 16.217.0
OpenFOAM Extend Fluid Dynamics foam_ext 3.1
FreeFem++ Library freefem 3.34
FSL Library fsl 5.0.7
GAMESS US Chemistry gamess 2013_BLW2014_R12014_R1_ser2014_XMVB
GAMS Chemistry gams 24.5
Gaussian Chemistry gaussian 09d1 Access upon request.
GNU GCC Development gcc 4.7.4
git Development git 1.9.0
glpk glpk 4.60
GMP Library gmp 5.1.3 6.0.0a6.1.0_cxx
Gmsh FEM gmsh 2.12
gnu_parallel gnu_parallel 20140622
Graphviz Visualization graphviz 2.38
Gromacs Chemistry gromacs 4.6.7 5.0.2
GSL Library gsl 1.141.16
Gurobi Mathematics gurobi c6.0.2
gUSE Development guse 20150319
HDF5 Library hdf5 1.8.12 1.8.13
hwloc System hwloc 1.11.0
HYPRE library hypre 2.10.0b
ANSYS ICEMCFD CFD icemcfd 14.515.0 16.217.0
Intel MPI Library MPI impi
imsbtools Bioinformatics imsbtools 2015031920150319_swath
IMSL Numerical Libraries Library imsl 7.1
Intel Composer Development intel 16.0.0
Java Development java 1.6.0_31 1.7.0_511.8.0_311.8.0_91
Julia Development julia 0.5.0_dev
Jython Development jython 2.7.0
LAMMPS Chemistry lammps 2015-08-10 2015-05-152016-02-162016-02-16_python2016-05-14
Libint Library libint 1.1.5
libxc Chemistry libxc
LIBXSMM Library libxsmm 1.4.1
LifeV FEM lifev 3.8.8
LLVM Development llvm 3.6.0
LSF DRMAA Library lsf_drmaa
Maple Mathematics maple 17
mapper Bioinformatics mapper 1.0 bfast
MSC Marc FEA marc 2013.1 2015
Mathematica Mathematics mathematica 9.0.1
MATLAB Numerical matlab 8.28.5 8.48.6
Apache Maven Development maven 3.2.3
maxwellrender maxwellrender 3.2
METIS Library metis
MKL Library mkl 14.0.1
molden Visualization molden 5.6
Molpro Chemistry molpro 2010.1 2012.1_ser2015.1
Mono .NET framework Development mono 3.12.0
MPFR library mpfr 3.1.2 3.1.2_gmp6
MrTrx3 Library mrtrix3 0.2.11 vzvz2
MUMPS Library mumps
MVAPICH2 MPI mvapich2 2.1
NAMD Chemistry namd 2.10 2.10_test
NCO Library nco 4.4.8
Ncview Visualization ncview 2.1.2
netCDF Library netcdf 4.3.1 4.3.2 Include support for netCDF4/HDF5 parallel I/O.
node.js Development node 5.1.1
ntl Numerics ntl 9.8.1
OpenBLAS Library openblas 0.2.13_par0.2.13_seq0.2.8_par0.2.8_seq
OpenCV Computer Vision opencv 3.1
OpenFOAM CFD openfoam 2.3.0 2.4.0
OpenMesh FEM openmesh 6.0
Open MPI MPI open_mpi 1.4.5 1.6.5
OpenMS Chemistry openms
ORCA Chemistry orca
OpenSHMEM over MPI-3 Development oshmpi 2014-08-20
PAPI Development papi 5.4.1
parallel_studio_xe parallel_studio_xe 20152016
ParaView Visualization paraview 4.1.0
ParMETIS Library parmetis
PCRE Regular expression pcre 8.38
Perl Development perl 5.16.3
PETSc Library petsc
PGI Compiler Development pgi 14.115.1
phylo Bioinformatics phylo 1.0 BEAGLE, BEAST, muscle, PhyML
PLUMED Chemistry plumed 2.1.0
Parallel netCDF Library pnetcdf 1.3.1
psi4 psi4 1.0rc
pyFerret Library pyferret 1.0.2
PyMOL Visualization pymol 1.7.4
Python Development python 2.7.6_UCS42.
Q-Chem Chemistry qchem 4.3_SMP
Qt Development qt 4.8.4 5.5.0
Quantum Espresso Chemistry quantum_espresso 4.0.3 5.15.3
R Project Numerical r 3.3.0
RAxML bioinformatics raxml 8.2.4
RELION Bioinformatics relion 1.3
Revolution R Enterprise Mathematics rre 7 7.37.4
RStudio Development rstudio 0.99.669
SAMtools Bioinformatics samtools 1.11.2
ScaLAPACK Library scalapack 2.0.2
SPRNG Numerics sprng 5.0
ssh_wrapper ssh_wrapper blaunch
STAR Bioinformatics star 2.4.2a
Stata Mathematics stata 1314
Subread Bioinformatics subread 1.5.0
SuiteSparse Library suitesparse
SWIG Development swig 3.0.5
SZIP Library szip 2.1
TeX Live Typesetting texlive 2009
TopHat Bioinformatics tophat 2.0.13
tpp Bioninformatics tpp 4.7.0
TransAT CFD transat 5.2.3
Trilinos Library trilinos 12.2.1
Turbomole Chemistry turbomole
UDUNITS Library udunits 2.2.18 2.1.24
Valgrind Profiling valgrind 3.11.0
VASP Chemistry vasp 5.35.3_Gamma5.3_O15.3_SOC5.3_VTST Only for license holders.
vcp Bioinformatics vcp 1.01.1 check components: module help vcp
VisIt Visualization visit 2.8.0
VMD Visualization vmd 1.9.2
VTK Visualization vtk 6.1.0
wxWidgets Development wxwidgets 3.0.2
Xerces Bioinformatics xerces 3.1.1
Xmgrace Visualization xmgrace 5.1.24
Xpdf Visualization xpdf 3.03
xz Compression xz 5.2.2
zlib Compression zlib 1.2.8