Euler maintenance (January 2020)

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CSCS informed us that the data center will be undergoing a power and cooling maintenance on Wednesday 29 January 2020, which will require a complete shutdown of Euler. We will take this opportunity to do some additional maintenance on Euler itself the days before and after the CSCS maintenance.

The Euler cluster will be OFFLINE from 12:00 on Tuesday, 28 January 2020

We plan to finish the maintenance on 30 January and bring the cluster back online on 31 January.

As usual, batch queues will be inactivated prior to the maintenance to ensure that no jobs get killed when the cluster is shut down. Short jobs can still run until the the cluster is offline. There is no action required on your part.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We will update this page once there is more information about the maintenance.


2020-01-30 13:55
The login nodes are back online. We still keep the queues inactivated for the moment. Users can already login, access their data and submit jobs. The submitted jobs will be kept pending in the queues until we activate the queues.
2020-01-30 14:50
We are progressively opening the queues. The 4h and 24h queues are open.
2020-01-31 15:20
All queues are open. Euler is back to normal production.