Euler maintenance (May 2017)

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CSCS informed us that the data center's cooling infrastructure will be undergoing maintenance on Wednesday, 31 May 2017, which will require a complete shutdown of Euler.

The Euler cluster will be off-line from 15:00 on Tuesday, 30 May, 2017. It is expected to be back online on Thursday, 1 June

As usual, all batch queues will be progressively inactivated to ensure that no job is killed when the nodes are shut down.

No action is required on your part.

Sorry for the inconvenience. , although some login nodes are experiencing problems. In this case please try to logout and login agai.n to get a another login node.


2017-06-01 16:30
Due to unexpected problems during the maintenance, the Euler cluster will not be back online today. We will provide further updates tomorrow morning.
2017-06-02 10:30
The Euler login nodes after the recent maintenance are now available.
Compute nodes will gradually be brought online, starting with the shortest queues.

Please watch this space for updates before and during the maintenance.