Euler maintenance (September 2017)

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CSCS informed us that the data centre will be undergoing maintenance on Wednesday, 27 September 2017, which will require a complete shutdown of Euler.

We will take this opportunity to do some major maintenance on Euler itself the days before and after the CSCS maintenance. In particular, we will upgrade Euler I and II to CentOS 7 (like Euler III) and prepare the installation of Euler IV later this year.

As a consequence:

  • Euler I and II will be off-line from Monday 25 to Friday 29 September — the whole week!
  • Euler III will be off-line Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 September — two days; we will do out best to bring it back on-line ASAP

The exact times will be coordinated with CSCS and communicated here and by email in the weeks prior to the maintenance.

Although Euler will be operational Monday 25, Tuesday 26 and Friday 29, its computing capacity will be severely limited. Only jobs that can fit in Euler III nodes (4 cores, 32 GB RAM max) will be able to run during this time. All other jobs will be held in the queue until the end of the week.

The cluster's login nodes and storage systems will remain operational at the same time as Euler III and will not be accessible Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28.

As usual, batch queues will be progressively inactivated in the days and hours prior to the maintenance, to ensure that no jobs get killed when the cluster is shut down.

Sorry for the inconvenience.