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Who is ID SIS HPC ?

What services are provided ID SIS HPC ?

Do I need to pay or are the services for free ?

Where can I find more information ?

Can I join ID SIS HPC ?


Who can use the services of ID SIS HPC ?

Do I need an account ?

How do I log in ?

X11-forwarding does not work, what am I doing wrong?

How can I change my password?

Can I change my default shell?


Do you provide any software on your clusters ?

Why does my 32-bit executable not work on your cluster ?

Can I run Windows executables on the clusters ?

Can you please update GLIBC on the clusters ?

Is it necessary to recompile or can I just copy my application to a cluster ?

Are development tools available on the clusters ?

What scientific libraries are available on the clusters ?

Can you please allow me to run sudo for installing my code ?

Why can't I install my application into /usr/bin and /usr/lib64 ?

Is there a license available for application XYZ ?

Environment modules

Submitting jobs

Monitoring jobs

Data management and file transfer