How to access the cluster with MobaXterm

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< How to access the cluster

Basic login

Start MobaXterm and create a session

Moba start.png

Select an SSH session and enter the Euler hostname (

This session is saved automatically under the hostname.

Moba start ssh session.png

Enter your ETH account username and password

Moba login with password.png

Upon a successful login, you can see the welcome banner and links to this Wiki, Smartdesk and cluster support

Moba logged in with password.png

Session settings

Edit session

Moba edit session.png

You can specify username and session name

Moba edit session2.png

SSH keys

Create SSH keys

Start MobaKeyGen

Moba ssh keys create0.png

Select ed25519 algorithm and generate SSH keys

Moba ssh keys create1.png

Enter a passphrase, and save the public key (optional) and the public key (compulsory)

Moba ssh keys create2.png

Add the private key to a session

Edit session

Moba edit session1.png

Enable using private key and select the private key file

Moba ssh keys add private key.png

Copy the public key to the cluster

Log in to the cluster and open the file $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

This file should have the reading and writing permission only for you, the owner of the file (-rw-------). Otherwise, you can change the permission with the command

chmod 600 $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

Moba ssh keys copy0.png

Copy the public key to the file $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys on the cluster

Moba ssh keys copy1.png