How to access the cluster with PuTTY

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Login to the cluster with password

Start PuTTy

Open putty.png

Enter Euler hostname (

Login with password1.png

Enter your ETH account username and password

Login with password2.png

Upon a successful login, you can see the welcome banner and links to our Wiki, Smartdesk and E-mail address of the cluster support

Login with password3.png

Setup a connection to the cluster

Start PuTTy

Open putty.png

Create a session by enter Euler hostname ( and a session name

Putty config name session.png

Add your username

Putty config add username.png

Save the session

Putty config save session.png

Create SSH keys

Start PuTTYgen

Run puttygen.png

Generate SSH Keys

Puttygen create keys.png

Save the public and private keys

Puttygen save keys.png Puttygen save private keys.png

Copy the public key to the cluster

Log in to the cluster and open the file


Copy public key.png

Copy the public key to the file and save the file

Copy public key 2.png

Add key to Pageant for auto-login