How to report a problem to cluster support

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When users contact cluster support, then it is important that the support request contains all relevant information. This will help us to provide you help in an efficient way.

How to report a problem with a job

If you report a problem with a job, no matter if pending, running or done, then please always provide us the corresponding jobid and if possible the corresponding logfile that was created by the batch system. Euler processes more than 70 million jobs per year, and without having a jobid, we don't know which job you are referring to.

Information to provide as a user:

  • Jobid
  • logfile
  • modules that were loaded (output of "module list")

How to report a problem with storage

We are managing multiple types of storage, so please provide us the absolute path to your file in order to know which storage your are talking about.

How to report a problem with a software

Please provide us with the exact modules you used along with the logs from the software.