Job monitoring

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Job control commands Description
busers user limits, number of pending and running jobs
bqueues queues status (open/closed; active/inactive)
bjobs more or less detailed information about pending and running jobs, and recently finished jobs
bbjobs better bjobs
bhist info about jobs finished in the last hours/days
bpeek display the standard output of a given joblsf_loadshow the CPU load of all nodes used by a job
bjob_connect login to a node where your job is running
bkill kill a job


bjobs options Description
(no option) list all your jobs in all queues
-p list only pending(waiting) jobs and indicate why they are pending
-r list only running jobs
-d list only done job (finished within the last hour)
-l display status in long format
-w display status in wide format
-o "format" use custom output format (see LSF documentation for details)
-J jobname show only job(s) called jobname
-q queue show only jobs in a specific queue
job-ID(s) list of job-IDs (this must be the last option)