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The three ways to access computing resources are

  1. Submit a job through command line
  2. Submit a job through a job bash script using #BSUB pragmas
  3. Get an interactive session on a compute node

Basic job submission

A basic BSUB job submission command consists of three parts:

bsub LSF options Job


bsub   is the LSF submit command.
LSF options   are for requesting resources and defining job-related options.
Job   is a computing job to be submitted.

Here is an example:

bsub -n 1 -W 4:00 -R "rusage[mem=4096]" "python"

When the job is submitted, LSF shows job's information:

$ bsub -n 1 -W 4:00 -R "rusage[mem=4096]" "python"
Generic job.
Job <8146539> is submitted to queue <normal.4h>

The output includes

  1. Job type, e.g., Generic Job, MPI Job or Abaqus Job
  2. Unique job ID, e.g., 8146539
  3. The queue, e.g., normal.4h, normal.24h, or normal.120h


A job can be one of the following:

Job Command Examples of job submission command
a single Linux command cmd
a program with its path /path/to/myprogram bsub ./bin/hello
a command or program with its arguments cmd arg1 arg2 bsub echo hello
multiple commands "cmd1 ; cmd2" bsub "date; pwd; ls -l"
piped command "cmd1 | cmd2"
a command with I/O redirection, quote "cmd<in >out" bsub "du -sk /scratch > du.out"
a here document, passed via "<<" << EOF ... EOF
a shell script, passed via "<" < script bsub <

LSF options

Requesting resources

Resources Format Default values
Maximum run time -W HH:MM 04:00 (4 hours)
Number of processors -n nprocs 1 processor
Memory -R "rusage[mem=2048]" 1024 MB per core
Scratch space -R "rusage[scratch=10000]"

Other LSF options

-o outfile append job’s standard output to outfile
-e errfile append job’s error messages to errfile
-R "rusage[...]" advanced resource requirement (memory,...)
-J jobname assign a jobname to the job
-w "depcond" wait until dependency condition is satisfied
-Is submit an interactive job with pseudo-terminal
-B /-N send an email when the job begins/ends
-u user@domain use this address instead of

LSF submission line advisor can assist your to find LSF options you need.

Job script and #BSUB pragmas

Create a job script called job_script.bsub

#BSUB -n 24                     # 24 cores
#BSUB -W 8:00                   # 8-hour run-time
#BSUB -R "rusage[mem=4000]"     # 4000 MB per core
#BSUB -J analysis1
#BSUB -o analysis1.out
#BSUB -e analysis1.err

module load gcc/6.3.0 openmpi/3.0.2
cd /path/to/execution/folder
mpirun myprogram arg1

Submit a job

$ bsub < job_script.bsub

Interactive session on a compute node

To run a quick test or a benchmark, you can request an interactive session on a compute node by using the BSUB option

-I, -Ip or -Is

For example:

[jarunanp@eu-login-38 ~]$ bsub -n 4 -W 01:00 -Is bash
Generic job.
Job <161197292> is submitted to queue <normal.4h>.
<<Waiting for dispatch ...>>
<<Starting on eu-ms-001-15>>
[jarunanp@eu-ms-001-15 ~]$

Further reading


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