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=Welcome to the scientific computing wiki=
This wiki is the primary source of information for the [[Scientific_computing_services|services]] provided by the [[About_us|ID SIS HPC group]]. We are operating and maintaining the central HPC clusters of [https://www.ethz.ch ETH Zurich] and provide services to our scientific community.
[[File:ETH_Zurich_Euler_II_and_I_in LCA.jpg|thumb|none|800px|Euler II (left) and Euler I (right)]]
==Important news==
==Read me first==
*Please use the menu on the left for navigating through the wiki
*A good '''starting point''' for new cluster users is our [[Tutorials|tutorials]] page, especially the [[Getting_started_with_clusters|getting started with clusters]] tutorial
*If you have problems connecting to our clusters or if a service is not working, then please check the [[News|news]] and the [[System_status|system status]] page of the wiki
*The [https://scicomp.ethz.ch/lsf_submission_line_advisor LSF submission line advisor] helps you to learn the syntax of the [[Using_the_batch_system|batch system]]
*If you have problems finding the answer to your question on the wiki, then please have a look at the [[FAQ|FAQ]], or use the '''search bar''' on the top right corner of the wiki
*The search of MediaWiki only shows results that are exact matches, except when using wildcards like for instance '''libcuda*'''
*We provide centrally installed applications and libraries
**Old [[Euler_applications|software stack]] on Euler and [[:Category:Application|further information]]
**New [[New_SPACK_software_stack_on_Euler|software stack]] on Euler
**[[Leonhard_applications_and_libraries|Software stack]] on Leonhard
*When contacting {{Cluster_support}}, then please try to provide '''all important information''' regarding your support request, such that we can help you to resolve issues as quick as possible
==Most recent software installations==
Twenty most recent software installation on each cluster. The list is based on the last modification time of the module files.
{| style="width: 100%; text-align:left;"
! style="width: 50%"|Euler ('''new software stack''',[[Euler_applications_and_libraries|see complete list]]):
! style="width: 50%"|Leonhard Open ([[Leonhard_applications_and_libraries|see complete list]]):
|<include nopre wikitext src="/cluster/wiki/auto/spack_module_tables/recent/euler" />
|<include nopre wikitext src="/cluster/wiki/auto/spack_module_tables/recent/leonhard" />

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Most recent software installations

Twenty most recent software installation on each cluster. The list is based on the last modification time of the module files.

Euler (new software stack,see complete list): Leonhard Open (see complete list):
vsearch/2.14.1 (intel 19.1.0)
vsearch/2.14.1 (gcc 8.2.0)
vsearch/2.14.1 (gcc 6.3.0)
vsearch/2.14.1 (gcc 4.8.5)
seqkit/0.16.1 (intel 19.1.0)
seqkit/0.16.1 (gcc 8.2.0)
seqkit/0.16.1 (gcc 6.3.0)
seqkit/0.16.1 (gcc 4.8.5)
stacks/2.59 (gcc 8.2.0)
stacks/2.59 (gcc 6.3.0)
sparsehash/2.0.3 (intel 19.1.0)
breseq/0.36.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
breseq/0.36.0 (gcc 6.3.0)
netcdf-fortran/4.4.1 (intel 19.1.0)
berkeley-db/18.1.40 (intel 19.1.0)
berkeley-db/18.1.40 (gcc 8.2.0)
berkeley-db/18.1.40 (gcc 6.3.0)
berkeley-db/18.1.40 (gcc 4.8.5)
xpdf/4.02 (gcc 6.3.0)
xpdf/4.02 (gcc 4.8.5)
cudnn/ (intel 19.1.0)

trimgalore/0.6.6 (gcc 4.8.5)
multiqc/1.11 (gcc 4.8.5)
cutadapt/3.4 (gcc 4.8.5)
bismark/0.23.0 (gcc 4.8.5)
r/4.1.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
r/4.1.0 (gcc 6.3.0)
r/4.1.0 (gcc 4.8.5)
fastq-screen/0.14.1 (gcc 6.3.0)
fastq-screen/0.14.1 (gcc 4.8.5)
bismark/0.23.0 (intel 18.0.1)
bismark/0.23.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
bismark/0.23.0 (gcc 6.3.0)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (intel 18.0.1)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (gcc 8.2.0)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (gcc 6.3.0)
fastqc/0.11.9 (intel 18.0.1)
fastqc/0.11.9 (gcc 8.2.0)
fastqc/0.11.9 (gcc 6.3.0)
fastqc/0.11.9 (gcc 4.8.5)
bowtie2/2.4.4 (intel 18.0.1)