Migration of Euler scratch directories

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Since the underlying Panasas storage system is reaching its end-of-life, we were planning to migrate all users' scratch directories (/cluster/scratch/username) to a new Lustre storage system over the coming months.

The latest power outage at CSCS and the increasing risk of catastrophic failure of the Panasas system have forced us to accelerate this plan and to migrate all scratch directories at once. This process started on 13 August while Euler was still off-line and was completed on 15 August.

Except for the ~30 hours when /cluster/scratch was accessible in read-only mode, the migration was done completely transparently. The new scratch directories are accessible under the same path as before, with the same permissions and quotas.

Speaking about quotas, the pan_quota command cannot be used any more. You can use the new scr_quota to check your scratch usage & quotas.

Please contact cluster support if you notice any problem caused by the migration, like corrupted files or incorrect permissions.