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What is a Modules package?

A Modules package is a tool to let users to easily configure their computing environment which includes

  • Development tools
  • Scientific libraries
  • Communication libraries (MPI)
  • Third-party applications

We employ two types of Modules packages:

  • LMOD Modules implemented on Euler and Leonhard Open
  • Environment Modules implemented on Euler

Two software stacks on Euler

While Leonhard Open contains only one software stack which uses LMOD Modules, Euler contains two software stacks:

  • The new software stack uses LMOD Modules
  • The old software stack uses Environment Modules

Upon your login on Euler, the old software stack is set by default. You can switch from the old software stack to the new software stack by typing the command:

$ env2lmod

and vice-versa

$ lmod2env

All new software is installed exclusively in the new software stack.