New account request process for HPC clusters

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After the cyber attack from 15. May 2020, the HPC clusters of ETH were reinstalled from scratch and access for all existing cluster accounts was blocked and new accounts were no longer created automatically.

We are now introducing a new process for requesting a cluster account for the HPC clusters of ETH. Please note that this change only affects new cluster accounts. For existing cluster accounts that have already been verified, no action needs to be taken.

Requesting an account for the HPC clusters of ETH

With the new mechanism for requesting a cluster account, the first login of a new user triggers a process that sends a verification code to the users ETH email address. The user is then prompted to enter the verification code and by entering the correct code, the cluster account of the user is created.

An access code has been sent to your ETH email address.
Enter the access code at the prompt below.
If you do not receive the access code within a few minutes,
then contact us by opening a ticket at

Access code (ending on ******Ls):