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Development, Library


OpenMesh is a generic and efficient data structure for representing and manipulating polygonal meshes. OpenMesh is developed at the Computer Graphics Group, RWTH Aachen. It was funded by the German Ministry for Research and Education ( BMBF).

It was designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Flexibility : provide a basis for many different algorithms without the need for adaptation.
  • Efficiency : maximize time efficiency while keeping memory usage as low as possible.
  • Ease of use : wrap complex internal structure in an easy-to-use interface.
For further information, please have a look at the OpenMesh website.

Available versions (Euler, old software stack)

Legacy versions Supported versions New versions

Environment modules (Euler, old software stack)

Version Module load command Additional modules loaded automatically
6.0 module load new gcc/4.8.2 python/2.7.6 ffmpeg/2.3.3 eigen/3.2.1 boost/1.57.0 qt/5.5.0 openmesh/6.0 openblas/0.2.13_seq

License information

3-clause BSD license