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| Python/C API || [https://scicomp.ethz.ch/public/manual/Python/2.7.9/c-api.pdf c-api.pdf]
| Python/C API || [https://scicomp.ethz.ch/public/manual/Python/2.7.9/c-api.pdf c-api.pdf]
| Installing Python Modules || [https://scicomp.ethz.ch/public/manual/Python/2.7.9/install.pdf install.pdf]
| Installing Python Modules || [https://scicomp.ethz.ch/public/manual/Python/2.7.9/installing.pdf installing.pdf]
| Distributing Python Modules || [https://scicomp.ethz.ch/public/manual/Python/2.7.9/distutils.pdf distutils.pdf]
| Distributing Python Modules || [https://scicomp.ethz.ch/public/manual/Python/2.7.9/distributing.pdf distributing.pdf]
| FAQs || [https://scicomp.ethz.ch/public/manual/Python/2.7.9/faq.pdf faq.pdf]
| FAQs || [https://scicomp.ethz.ch/public/manual/Python/2.7.9/faq.pdf faq.pdf]

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Python manuals

Description Document link
What's new in Python 2.7? whatsnew.pdf
Tutorial tutorial.pdf
Library Reference library.pdf
Language Reference reference.pdf
Python Setup and Usage using.pdf
Extending and Embedding extending.pdf
Python/C API c-api.pdf
Installing Python Modules installing.pdf
Distributing Python Modules distributing.pdf
FAQs faq.pdf

Pyhton howto's

Description Document link
Porting Python 2 Code to Python 3 howto-pyporting.pdf
Porting Extension Modules to Python 3 howto-cporting.pdf
Curses Programming with Python howto-curses.pdf
Descriptor HowTo Guide descriptor.pdf
Idioms and Anti-Idioms in Python howto-doanddont.pdf
Functional Programming HOWTO howto-functional.pdf
Logging HOWTO howto-logging.pdf
Logging Cookbook howto-logging-cookbook.pdf
Regular Expression HOWTO howto-regex.pdf
Socket Programming HOWTO howto-sockets.pdf
Sorting HOW TO howto-sorting.pdf
Unicode HOWTO howto-unicode.pdf
HOWTO Fetch Internet Resources Using urllib2 howto-urllib2.pdf
HOWTO Use Python in the web howto-webservers.pdf
Argparse Tutorial howto-argparse.pdf