RTX2080 Testing

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We have received four GPUs for evaluation:

  • 2 nVidia GeForce RTX 2080 and
  • 2 nVidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

All four GPUs are installed in a single node with two Intel Xeon Gold 6140 CPUs (2.3 GHz) and 256 GiB of RAM.



Use the -R rdx bsub option to request either of these GPUs:

bsub -R rdx ./my_gpu_program

Specific RDX GPU

Due to limitations of the batch system you can not request a specific one of these GPUs. Instead you need to request all four GPUs

bsub -R rdx -R "rusage[ngpus_excl_p=4]" ./my_gpu_program

and then programatically select the desired GPU using CUDA. The first two GPUs are 2080 Tis while the last two are the 2080 non-Tis. For example to use only two 2080 Tis, run:

bsub -R rdx -R "rusage[ngpus_excl_p=4]" "CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=2,3 ./my_gpu_program"