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== [[News]] ==
== [[News]] ==
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Welcome to ETH Scientific and High Performance Computing Wiki

Quick guide

Helpers and support


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Script to set a permanent default for software stack initialized on Euler upon login


On Euler, you can now set the new software stack as a permanent default upon login Read more...

New account request process for Euler and Leonhard Open


We are introducing a new automated process for obtaining an account for the HPC clusters of ETH, starting with Leonhard Open and later we also implement the same process on Euler. Read more...

COVID-19 — Cluster operation during state of emergency at ETH


As announced by President Joël Mesot in the evening of March 16 (see email), ETH will be operating in a state of emergency starting today. Most employees are required to work from home. Read more...

Script to run a Jupyter notebook interactively in a batch job on Euler or Leonhard Open


Since Jupyter notebooks are becoming more widely used among the scientific community, the HPC group developed a script that you can run on your local computer. This shell script then starts a Jupyter notebook in a batch job on Euler/Leonhard Open (depending on which cluster you choose) and connects your local browser with it. Read more...

  • 04 May 2022 — Decommissioning of Euler III :
    All Euler III nodes will be decommissioned on 18 May 2022 to make room for new GPU nodes.
  • 21 Mar 2022 — Nvidia RTX 3090 test unit :
    An RTX 3090 GPU is now available in Euler for prospective customers who wish to test this GPU before placing an order.
  • 18 Mar 2022 — Using MPI on Euler :
    For running MPI jobs on Euler some configuration settings are required, which are documented on this wiki page.
  • 17 Feb 2022 — List of publications that mention the HPC clusters of ETH :
    On our scicomp wiki, we added a list of publications that reference the HPC clusters of ETH. If you mention the Euler cluster in your publication, then please let us know and we will add your publication to the list
  • 31 Jan 2022 — The new CPU and GPU nodes in Euler are operational :
    The latest Euler expansion consists of 248 compute nodes with AMD's newest EPYC 7763 CPU as well as 20 GPU nodes with Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 GPUs

Most recent software installations

Twenty most recent software installation on each cluster. The list is based on the last modification time of the module files.

Euler (new software stack,see complete list): Leonhard Open (see complete list):
nek5000/19.0 (intel 19.1.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
nek5000/19.0 (gcc 8.2.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
nek5000/19.0 (gcc 6.3.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
nek5000/19.0 (gcc 4.8.5, openmpi 4.1.4)
adf/2022.103 (Core)
netcdf-cxx4/4.3.1 (intel 19.1.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-cxx4/4.3.1 (gcc 8.2.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-cxx4/4.3.1 (gcc 6.3.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-cxx4/4.3.1 (gcc 4.8.5, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-cxx/4.2 (intel 19.1.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-cxx/4.2 (gcc 8.2.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-cxx/4.2 (gcc 6.3.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-cxx/4.2 (gcc 4.8.5, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-fortran/4.5.4 (intel 19.1.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-fortran/4.5.4 (gcc 8.2.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-fortran/4.5.4 (gcc 6.3.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf-fortran/4.5.4 (gcc 4.8.5, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf/4.9.0 (intel 19.1.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf/4.9.0 (gcc 8.2.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
netcdf/4.9.0 (gcc 6.3.0, openmpi 4.1.4)

trimgalore/0.6.6 (gcc 4.8.5)
multiqc/1.11 (gcc 4.8.5)
cutadapt/3.4 (gcc 4.8.5)
bismark/0.23.0 (gcc 4.8.5)
r/4.1.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
r/4.1.0 (gcc 6.3.0)
r/4.1.0 (gcc 4.8.5)
fastq-screen/0.14.1 (gcc 6.3.0)
fastq-screen/0.14.1 (gcc 4.8.5)
bismark/0.23.0 (intel 18.0.1)
bismark/0.23.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
bismark/0.23.0 (gcc 6.3.0)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (intel 18.0.1)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (gcc 8.2.0)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (gcc 6.3.0)
fastqc/0.11.9 (intel 18.0.1)
fastqc/0.11.9 (gcc 8.2.0)
fastqc/0.11.9 (gcc 6.3.0)
fastqc/0.11.9 (gcc 4.8.5)
bowtie2/2.4.4 (intel 18.0.1)