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=Welcome to the scientific computing wiki=
=Welcome to the scientific computing wiki=
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On Wednesday 13. April and Thursday 14. April 2022 there will be only limited support due to some staff members not being available. During Easter Holidays, from Friday 15. April 2022 until (and including) Monday 18. April.2020 there will be no cluster support available. Technical problems will be dealt with on a best effort basis. In this regard the whole HPC team is wishing you a <br />'''''Happy easter''''' !
Stay healthy
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Welcome to the scientific computing wiki

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Most recent software installations

Twenty most recent software installation on each cluster. The list is based on the last modification time of the module files.

Euler (new software stack, see complete list):
matlab/R2022a (Core)
spaceranger/2.0.0 (Core)
rosetta/3.13 (gcc 8.2.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
nextflow/22.04.4 (gcc 8.2.0)
nextflow/22.04.4 (gcc 6.3.0)
nextflow/22.04.4 (gcc 4.8.5)
nextflow/22.04.4 (intel 19.1.0)
virify/0.4.0 (Core)
atacprimertool/1.0 (gcc 4.8.5)
cudnn/ (intel 19.1.0)
cudnn/ (gcc 8.2.0)
cudnn/ (gcc 6.3.0)
cudnn/ (gcc 4.8.5)
kneaddata/0.10 (gcc 6.3.0)
kneaddata/0.10 (gcc 4.8.5)
trimmomatic/0.33 (gcc 8.2.0)
trimmomatic/0.33 (gcc 6.3.0)
trimmomatic/0.33 (gcc 4.8.5)
checkm/1.1.2 (gcc 6.3.0)
checkm/1.1.2 (gcc 4.8.5)

trf/4.09.1 (Core)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (intel 19.1.0)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (gcc 8.2.0)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (gcc 6.3.0)
trimgalore/0.6.6 (gcc 4.8.5)
hmmer/3.3.2 (intel 19.1.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
hmmer/3.3.2 (gcc 8.2.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
hmmer/3.3.2 (gcc 6.3.0, openmpi 4.1.4)
hmmer/3.3.2 (gcc 4.8.5, openmpi 4.1.4)
spectra/1.0.1 (intel 19.1.0)
spectra/1.0.1 (gcc 9.3.0)
spectra/1.0.1 (gcc 8.2.0)
spectra/1.0.1 (gcc 6.3.0)
spectra/1.0.1 (gcc 4.8.5)
adf/2022.103 (Core)
adf/2021.102 (Core)
blast-plus/2.12.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
blast-plus/2.12.0 (gcc 6.3.0)
freetype/2.11.1 (intel 19.1.0)
freetype/2.11.1 (gcc 8.2.0)

List of recently installed software has been updated on Thu Aug 11 16:24:34 CEST 2022