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Welcome to the Scientific Computing Wiki

ETH Zurich Euler II cropped.jpeg

This wiki is the primary source of information for the services provided by the ID SIS HPC group. We are operating and maintaining the central HPC clusters of ETH Zurich and provide services to our scientific community. Get started with the clusters!


14 Jan 2021

We are now introducing a new process for requesting an account for the HPC clusters of ETH. This change only affects new cluster accounts. For existing cluster accounts that have already been verified, no action needs to be taken. Read more...

Clusters & Servers

Euler Leonhard Open Leonhard Med MATLAB server CLC genomics server
Tl green.png

Tl red.png

Tl green.png

Tl green.png

Tl green.png

Green : Service is fully operational
Orange : Service is partially operational or still in beta testing phase
Red : Service is unavailable