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The ID SIS HPC group provides a range of services to all members of ETH. Our core services include the operation of the central HPC clusters of ETH. We are currently working on new systems for big data and spark/hadoop.

Furthermore, we offer popular applications (MATLAB, CLC genomics server) as a central and fully managed service. This software as a service (SaaS) model allows you to offload complex tasks from your workstation to the central HPC clusters, without having to explicitly login to these clusters. Knowledge of the cluster's command line interface is not required; these services can be used directly from your workstation using a familiar graphical user interface.

We also provide consulting for scientific computing, helping you to install software, setting up and optimizing your workflows. We work closely together with the Research Informatics and Scientific Software and Database Management groups in Scientific IT Services.

HPC clusters

Big data clusters

Software as a service