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In order to start an interactive Stata session, you need to type the command stata:

[sfux@eu-login-05 ~]$ module load stata/13
[sfux@eu-login-05 ~]$ stata

  ___  ____  ____  ____  ____ (R)
 /__    /   ____/   /   ____/
___/   /   /___/   /   /___/   13.1   Copyright 1985-2013 StataCorp LP
  Statistics/Data Analysis            StataCorp
                                      4905 Lakeway Drive
                                      College Station, Texas 77845 USA
                                      979-696-4601 (fax)

x-user Stata network perpetual license:
       Serial number:  xxxxxxxxxxxx
         Licensed to:  xxxx

      1.  Command line editing enabled

Note:  Your site can add messages to the introduction by editing the file
       stata.msg in the directory where Stata is installed.

running /cluster/apps/stata/13/x86_64/ ...
set processors allowed only with Stata/MP.

running /cluster/home/leonhard/ ...
set processors allowed only with Stata/MP.


You can end the interactive session by typing the command exit. There is also the possibility to use the graphical user interface (GUI) of Stata, if X11-forwarding is already configured. After setting up the X11-forwarding, you can start Stata GUI with the command xstata.