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On our cluster, we provide multiple storage systems, which are optimized for different purposes. On this page, we try to give you an overview on the different storage systems and provide you all the information that is needed to choose the most optimal file system for your purpose. Some of the storage systems are optimized for large files and high performance, whereas others can also deal with small files. Some are for permanent storage of data (homes) whereas the scratch file systems are only for temporary storage of data. Since the available storage space on our clusters is limited and shared between all users, we set quotas in order to prevent single users from filling up an entire storage system with their data. A summary of general questions about file systems and storage can be found in our FAQ. If you have questions or encounter problems with the storage systems provided on our clusters, then please contact cluster support.

Available storage systems

First of all, we would like to start with an overview on the available storage systems in Brutus. The description of the storage systems contains link that redirect you to more detailed wiki pages on these systems.

Choosing the optimal storage system

File transfer