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On our cluster, we provide multiple storage systems, which are optimized for different purposes. Since the available storage space on our clusters is limited and shared between all users, we set quotas in order to prevent single users from filling up an entire storage system with their data.

A summary of general questions about file systems, storage and file transfer can be found in our FAQ. If you have questions or encounter problems with the storage systems provided on our clusters or file transfer, then please contact cluster support.

Personal storage (everyone)


On our clusters, we provide a home directory (folder) for every user that can be used for safe long term storage of important and critical data (program source, script, input file, etc.). It is created on your first login to the cluster and accessible through the path


The path is also saved in the variable $HOME. The permissions are set that only you can access the data in your home directory and no other user. Your home directory is limited to 16 GB and a maximum of 100'000 files and directories (inodes). The content of your home is saved every hour and there is also a nightly backup (tape).


We also provide a personal scratch directory (folder) for every user, that can be used for short-term storage of larger amounts of data

Group storage (sharholders only)



Local scratch (on each compute node)


External storage

Central NAS

Local NAS


Choosing the optimal storage system

File transfer

Command line tools

Graphical tools