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Until 2023, the ADF/AMS license was available to all cluster users on Euler. It was financed by the D-CHAB and IT services of ETH. From 2023 on, IT services does no longer finance part of the license cost, so the license is now fully paid by institutes in the D-CHAB department.

Changes starting from 1. June 2023

Starting from June 1, 2023, access to the ADF/AMS license will be restricted to members of the following D-CHAB groups:

  • Laboratory of organic chemistry (LOC)
  • Laboratory of inorganic chemistry (LAC)
  • Laboratory of physical chemistry (LPC)

If you believe that you are eligible for the license, please send your request to

If your research group (not from D-CHAB) would like to restore their access to the license by contributing to the license cost, then please coordinate this on the department level and then contact the ISL of D-CHAB.