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You can submit an Abaqus job for an input file myjob.inp with the following command.

sbatch [Slurm options] --wrap="abaqus job=myjob [Abaqus options]"

Alternatively, if you have an additional .com file (for instance test.com), which contains Python code, then you would use the job parameter for the .com file and the input parameter for the input file.

sbatch [Slurm options] --wrap="abaqus job=test input=myjob [Abaqus options]"

To submit a parallel calculation you would use the form

sbatch -n 4 [Slurm options] --wrap="abaqus job=myjob cpus=4 [Abaqus options]"

Here you need to replace [Slurm options] with Slurm parameters for the resource requirements of the job. Please find a documentation about the parameters of sbatch on the wiki page about the batch system. You can display all possible command line options for Abaqus, by logging in to the cluster, loading the Abaqus module and running the command

abaqus help

The command line parameters vary for the different Abaqus products.