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On Euler we provide two software stacks (old/new). Users can switch between the software stacks in the current shell, using the commands env2lmod and lmod2env. There is a global default, that the old software stack is initialized upon login. Users can permanently change this by setting a personal default that supersedes the global default, using the script

Changing personal default

You can check your personal default by running the command -i

To change the permanent default to the new software stack, use the command new

and for changing it to the old software stack, use the command old

You can change your default at any time. After a change, you would need to logout and login again to make the change becoming active.

New global default

We are changing the global default upon login from the old to the new software stack. This only affects users which have not set a personal default yet. If you have set a personal default with the script, then nothing will change for you, as the personal default supersedes the global one.


Will be announced soon

How to keep the old software stack as default

If you need to continue to work with the old software stack, it is sufficient to set it as default with the command old

and to logout and login again, then everything will be the same as before.