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In case of a problem with COMSOL on one of our clusters, please first contact the cluster support. We have very good relations to the COMSOL support and if we cannot solve a problem, we will open a ticket at the COMSOL support and add the user to this ticket, such that he also gets the answers from COMSOL support.

Problems with the COMSOL GUI

We noticed, that in some cases, the COMSOL 5.2 GUI updates very slowly when staring it on Euler or sometimes it even crashes. If you experience this kind of problem, then you can try to start the COMSOL GUI with the following option:

comsol -np 1 -3drend sw

If the problem still persists, the reason could be that you are on a login node, which is overloaded. We recommend in this case to log out and log in to the cluster again.

Finding the results of a simulation

When you run simulations solely through the Comsol GUI the results show up in the Model Builder Tab under Results and Datasets. When you run the simulation on Euler this will not be the case and the results can be called by clicking on Results in the upper menu bar and Press the More Datasets button and choose the Solution button under Base Datasets and the results should appear.