Euler maintenance (August 2016)

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Euler will be unavailable Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 August for maintenance reasons.

  • On Tuesday 30 August, CSCS will upgrade the cluster's cooling infrastructure to increase its capacity from 600 to 1200 kW. This upgrade, which is necessary for the upcoming major extension of Euler ("Euler III") later this year, requires a complete shut-down of Euler.
  • The Cluster Support team will take this opportunity to upgrade the firmware of various cluster components (compute nodes, InfiniBand switches, etc.) and to perform hardware & software maintenance on the Panasas storage system. This work will take place during and after the CSCS maintenance.

The maintenance window will start Tuesday 30.8 at 07:00. All interactive sessions to the login nodes will be closed, all compute nodes will be shut down, and the cluster's file servers will remain off-line during most of the maintenance. As usual, batch jobs will be held in the queue prior to the maintenance, to ensure that no job is lost when the cluster is shut down. (For instance, a five-day job submitted on 26.8 would not have time to finish before 30.8 and would therefore be held in the queue until the maintenance is over.)

We expect that Euler will be accessible again in the afternoon or evening of Wednesday 31.8.

Current status

Please check this page before and during the maintenance window for up-to-date information.