Euler maintenance (June 2023)

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Please note that the Euler cluster will be undergoing maintenance to perform hardware and software upgrades of the cluster's core components (admin nodes, login nodes, file servers) and migration of some data to a new storage system.


Euler will be OFFLINE from 07:00 Monday 5 June until 11:00 Wednesday 7 June

As usual, batch queues will be inactivated prior to the maintenance to ensure that no jobs get killed when the cluster is shut down. Short jobs can still run until the cluster is offline. There is no action required on your part.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Please watch this page for regular updates before, during and after the maintenance.


2022-06-06 15:15
The login nodes of Euler are again open. Users can access their data and already submit jobs (they will stay in the queue until the queues are activated). We are still running some tests and will progressively reactivate the queues starting tomorrow morning.
2022-06-07 09:25
The maintenance has finished. The short queues are open and we will progressively activate the longer queues during the day.