Euler maintenance (June 2024)

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We need to do a global maintenance on Euler to replace some network components, extend the capacity of the global scratch file system (/cluster/scratch) and migrate jupyterhub to ubuntu.

Euler will be OFFLINE from 07:00 Tuesday 4 June until 17:00 Thursday 6 June

As usual, batch queues will be progressively inactivated in the days and hours prior to the maintenance, to ensure that no jobs get killed when the cluster is shut down. Please note that if you submit a job before the maintenance, then the runtime that you request will determine if the job can still run before the maintenance or if the job will be kept in the queue until the maintenance is over.

Updates regarding the maintenance will be published on this wiki page.

No action is required on your part.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


2024-06-05 10:45
The migration of Jupyterhub to Ubuntu is not going as planned. You can expect a longer maintenance for this service.
2024-06-06 12:00
Most of the maintenance work has finished and login nodes are open. You can access your data and already submit jobs. Queues will be opened progressively over the course of the day. Euler IX will stay offline a bit longer as its network was upgraded from Ethernet to Infiniband and we need to run performance checks.
2024-06-06 14:30
There is still some work going on the nodes with Ubuntu (which were part of the Ubuntu beta test). We will not open these nodes today and therefore the migration of JupyterHub to Ubuntu will also be postponed to tomorrow. For the CentOS part the short queue is open. Longer queues will be opened progressively.
2024-06-07 09:45
The long queues are now open for the CentOS part of the cluster. Performance tests on Euler IX are continuing and there is also some work done on nodes with Ubuntu.
2024-06-07 14:25
We just opened the login nodes for the Ubuntu part of Euler.