Euler workshop 15.09.2016

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The ID SIS HPC group organizes a Getting started with Euler workshop for the Geothermal Energy and Geofluids (GEG) group of Prof. Dr. Martin O. Saar.


NO F 55


13:30 - 16:30


The workshop takes place 13:30-16:30 and will cover the following topics:

  • introduction to Euler (history, specification, shareholders)
  • accessing the cluster (policies, login, security)
  • data management (storage systems, file transfer)
  • environment modules (purpose, usage, categories)
  • batch system (job submission, resources, monitoring)
  • applications (development tools, centrally installed apps)
  • user support (documentation, help desk)


Getting started with Euler (September 2016).pdf

Helper tool for LSF batch system

LSF submission line advisor