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For submitting a FDTD job on Euler, you can use the lsfsubmit.sh script. You can Download the script from the link given above. Please save the script in your $HOME/bin directory and make sure that you set execution permission for your user account. There are 4 parameters that you need to specify in order to run a FDTD job on Euler. Short explanation of the parameters:

[sfux@euler01 home]$ lsfsubmit.sh --help
lsfsubmit.sh -n X -w XX:XX -mem X -inp inputfile

--help -h               Display information of wrapper script
-n                      Specify number of cores
-w                      Specify maximal run time [hours:minutes]
-mem                    Specify memory in MB per core
-inp [inp_file]         Use inp_file as input file
-dryrun                 Display command, but don't execute

Regarding the nanowire.fsp example from FDTD solutions, the job could be submitted in the following way:

lsfsubmit.sh -n 4 -w 1:00 -mem 250 -inp nanowire.fsp

This would reserve 4 CPU cores for this job, specify a run time limit of 1 hour and reserve 4*250=1000 Megabyte of memory. Alternatively you can also directly submit jobs with the following command:

bsub [LSF options] mpirun fdtd-engine-ompi-lcl input_file.fsp

Here you need to replace input_file.fsp with the name of your input file and [LSF options] with LSF parameters for the resource requirements of the job. Please find a documentation about the parameters of bsub on the wiki page about the batch system.