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Sometimes, MATLAB jobs crash with a segmentation fault (exit code 137).

Your job looked like:

# LSBATCH: User input
matlab -nodisplay -nojvm -singleCompThread -r matlab_script_that_uses_more_memory_than_requested

Exited with exit code 137.

Resource usage summary:

   CPU time :                                   12385.20 sec.
   Max Memory :                                 14133 MB
   Average Memory :                             12578 MB
   Total Requested Memory :                     15000 MB
   Delta Memory :                                 867 MB
   Max Swap :                                   -
   Max Processes :                              4
   Max Threads :                                11
   Run time :                                    8433 sec.
   Turnaround time :                             8534 sec.

Usually this means that not enough memory was requested from the batch system. This can happen, even if the resource usage summary in the LSF logfile shows a positive delta memory. The resource usage summary only includes successful memory allocations. If a job tries to allocate a larger amount of memory and fails, then this is not reflected in the resource usage summary.

In such a case, please restart the job and request a larger amount of memory.