Maintenance of scratch and work (13.02.2024)

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The “scratch” and “work” storage systems of Euler require some urgent software updates.

Key points:

  • This operation will be done on-the-fly without any downtime, but may cause scratch and work to be unavailable (i.e., hang) for a few minutes
  • This will affect interactive sessions (login nodes) as well as batch jobs (compute nodes)
  • As a precaution, pending jobs will be held in the queue during the maintenance
  • Jobs that started running before the maintenance may briefly hang when they try to access scratch or work, but should otherwise run normally (i.e., should not crash)
  • Jobs that do not use scratch or work will not be affected at all
  • Other than that, Euler will operate normally and the batch system will accept new jobs throughout the maintenance

Start of the maintenance: Tuesday 13 February, 8:00 am

End of the maintenance: Tuesday 13 February, 12:00 pm (noon) at the latest