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You can start an interactive Maple session on a login node by loading the maple module and starting Maple with the command maple

[sfux@eu-login-18 ~]$ module load maple/2019.1
[sfux@eu-login-18 ~]$ maple
    |\^/|     Maple 2019 (X86 64 LINUX)
._|\|   |/|_. Copyright (c) Maplesoft, a division of Waterloo Maple Inc. 2019
 \  MAPLE  /  All rights reserved. Maple is a trademark of
 <____ ____>  Waterloo Maple Inc.
      |       Type ? for help.
> bernoulli(2);                                                                                                                             
memory used=8.6MB, alloc=11.3MB, time=0.10

Please note that interactive sessions should only be used for short testing or pre- and post-processing. Calculations that need more resources must be submitted to the batch system.