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NetCDF (network Common Data Form) is a set of interfaces for array-oriented data access and a freely distributed collection of data access libraries for C, Fortran, C++, Java, and other languages. The netCDF libraries support a machine-independent format for representing scientific data. Together, the interfaces, libraries, and format support the creation, access, and sharing of scientific data.

Available versions (Euler, old software stack)

Legacy versions Supported versions New versions
4.3.1 4.3.2

Environment modules (Euler, old software stack)

The netcdf module is a smart module, which checks for a loaded compiler and MPI module and then loads the corresponding NetCDF version. For the module load command example, we use the standard compiler gcc/4.8.2 and did not load any MPI module (which results in the serial NetCDF version).
Version Module load command Additional modules loaded automatically
4.3.1 module load gcc/4.8.2 netcdf/4.3.1 szip/2.1 hdf5/1.8.12 legacy centos_cruft/6
4.3.2 module load new gcc/4.8.2 netcdf/4.3.2 szip/2.1 hdf5/1.8.12 legacy centos_cruft/6

License information

NetCDF license