Planned maintenance in June and August 2023

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Please note that the Euler cluster will be undergoing maintenance for several days in June and August 2023:

  • Monday 5 June (morning) to Wednesday 7 June (morning): Hardware and software upgrades of the cluster's core components (admin nodes, login nodes, file servers) and migration of some data to a new storage system.
  • Monday 7 August (morning) to Friday 11 August (evening): Replacement of the water-cooling elements that were installed with the first generation of Euler — Euler I — ten years ago.

Both maintenances require a complete shutdown of Euler. The cluster's login nodes and file servers will be inaccessible during these times.

This is a pre-announcement to give you enough time to prepare for these downtimes. The exact times will be communicated 1-2 weeks prior to each maintenance.

As usual, batch queues will be progressively inactivated in the days/hours before the downtime to ensure that all nodes are empty when the cluster is shut down.

— Sorry for the inconvenience.